November 12, 2015 CFO Agency

It’s Happening Now!

As you are reading this, we are embarking upon a very special financial retreat called “The CFO Agency Players Club.” 


This is a three day live intensive where my clients get to have the ultimate financial experience and improve their business acumen.  


We will be digging deep into money management and systems, money mindset and knowledge, and wealth building strategies as well as plans for a bankable 2016.


Money is a tool to be mastered so you can truly live the life that is in your heart to live.


Build the kind of business you want to build, work the hours you want to work, impact the lives you are meant to touch.


Live in the kind house and drive the kind of car you want to drive.  Go on the vacations and have the experiences you want to have. That is what I call “wealth by design.” And it’s a commitment to our new brand that is rolling out very soon called “the CFO Agency.” We have created our own powerhouse platform of virtual CFO services that allow us to partner with you to help you accelerate your business and lifestyle in the ways that are important to you. And this weekend is just the kick off!  


I know that wealth by design is possible for each of us.  

And we are dedicated to make sure your money is working for you rather than you working for it.  


Think of us as your very own virtual CFO! And what makes the work we do so unique is that we tailor our systems and education just for you.  You get highly customized, personalized CFO service — we take into account who you are as a person, where you are starting from and where you want to go and by when.


This all happens in the beautiful rocky mountains of Montana with me.  It’s a small intimate affair so you are guaranteed to have your tailor made plan for your business for 2016 and you will know that you are on track for creating the life you desire.


Make a note to join us next year.  Fall is the best time of year for planning as we are sprinting into the finish of the year and laying the foundation for the next.


 And fall is my favorite time of year so I love that I get to share this time with my clients.


To your abundance




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