November 11, 2021 CEO Club, Dreams, Plan

It’s been 8 years!

We just completed our 8th Annual CFO Players Club retreat. This event was created for our clients to take time away from their day-to-day to stop and reflect on “for the sake of what, am I doing what I do”?

As entrepreneurs, we often begin our business from a place of passion about the service or widget that we are offering to the world. As you begin to grow you will eventually choose to create yourself a well-paid job or you will choose to scale and grow a business. Either way, you are generating income.

As your income accelerates and you are no longer worried about keeping the lights on and you know you can manage things financially no matter what life throws at you, it becomes time to ask a new question. 

For the sake of what, am I doing what I do?

It’s never about the money; it’s about what the money can do.  Money is a tool we are stewards of. So what is on our hearts of how to live today AND tomorrow with this money?

Your dreams, goals, and desires are a gift for you. What you have on your mind to create and how you want to live in the process is your calling. Each of us has our own!

This retreat is all about developing clarity around these gifts.

Each of us was stretched to think as far into the future as possible. This is called Legacy planning. How will the next generation of your family, or those you care about, carry on the legacy you are creating today?

We were stretched to learn ways of working and planning with money so we keep more of it in our pocket to accelerate our visions.  There was nothing new; these are strategies and systems the ultra-wealthy have used for decades. We simply created a safe place to learn about and explore this knowledge.

We were reminded about the importance of education, not only for ourselves but for us to pass our knowledge on to future generations.  How do we do this? Remember family dinners and family vacations?  Have you ever served on a board where traditions and visions are driving activities?

I am thankful for each attendee and their willingness to learn so they can make a bigger, longer-term impact with their vision and their finances. After this last year, it was truly a breath of fresh air to be in creative conversations about the future and how we can impact it in a positive way.

If you are ready for a bigger conversation about wealth development and financial management, start planning now to join us next year! Let’s talk.

In Abundance,



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