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It Was A First For Me

It Was A First For Me

Last Sunday, I completed my first 1/2 marathon in San Diego!!!  What an amazing sense of accomplishment.  For 13.1 miles I walked a “race pace” for me.

Six months ago, if you would have said to me I was going to do this, I would have laughed heartily and said “not likely”!  I have never been athletic or participated in sports, and to me doing a marathon of any kind meant you were an athlete.

Have you ever had someone see in you something you can’t see in yourself? 

One of my goals this year was to put me on the calendar.  You see I love what I do AND I know the value of a life fulfilled on all levels which means that elusive thing called balance.  Taking care of my body has always been the last thing on my list.  Some of you can probably relate to this when it comes to taking care of your money.  So I made a decision, and I signed up with a coach because I knew having a big goal was what I needed to keep me motivated.  Signing up didn’t mean I was excited about it, it simply was a way for me to make a commitment to myself.

When the race started, since I had never participated in one before, I had no idea what to expect.  I didn’t know where we would be going, I didn’t know who would be there to guide us along the way, I didn’t know how I would perform.  All I knew was that I was going to finish no matter what.

So often in business we want to know exactly “how” everything is going to play out.  We want guarantees and assurances that things will develop as we want them to, that we will make the difference we want and that we will make the money we want.  I know I truly believed that if I did everything “right,” I was guaranteed success.

Here is the truth.  Things happen along the way that you can never predict and typically are beyond your control.  Things both exciting and good and things challenging and hard.

There was a very long stretch in the race where we were walking on pavement in the direct sun in 80° weather at 8:00 in the morning with no sea breezes, which I was told were always present and kept the temperatures in the 70″s.  I am a Montana girl and our hot weather doesn’t show up until 2-5 in the afternoon and it is gone when the sun goes down and the beautiful fresh crisp mountain air returns.  Needless to say what I expected, and what I was experiencing did not match.

That was really hard for me, AND I kept my pace to the best of my ability for 13.1 miles.  Why?  Because I committed to myself I would.

I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and one step at a time I finished my first marathon!!!  After laying on the ground to recover 🙂 I found my team and shared tears of joy.  These tears are coming up again as I write this.  This was truly an accomplishment for each of us.

What is your big goal that gets you out of bed every day?

Learning the step by step skills to handling money is a skill that is a must for every entrepreneur.  Actually for every member of society.  When my clients come to me some of them have no idea what it looks like to work with a bookkeeper, no idea what a profit and loss statement is, and how it can truly help them achieve the financial success they are looking for.  Getting connected with their numbers is as foreign to them as it was for me to connect with my physical body.

I now have flexibility, strength, endurance AND a personal confidence I could not have achieved had I not been willing to learn,  and had I not done the work my coach laid out for me every day.  We all start right where we are and that is perfect.  There are those on my team who ran the entire marathon, and there are those who finished long after I did.  None of that mattered.  What mattered is that each of us did our best, and we all finished.

Achieving your financial goals is truly possible.

Are you willing and ready to put your financial health on the calendar for you?  If so let’s talk and let’s do it now.  Don’t wait any longer to take the steps for an accomplishment that will set you up to win in every area of your life!

I look forward to visiting with you very soon!

In Abundance,


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