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It Seems To Be Unraveling…

It Seems To Be Unraveling…

You know the feeling.  Things are going along great, you  are making a decision to up-level  your game and then your worst fears begin to come true.

You begin to have collection issues with your clients, your systems start having glitches, your team starts dropping balls and all of a sudden you are thinking, did I make a good decision?

The answer is yes, you did make a good decision.  What is happening is old patterns are beginning to show up to keep you where you were.

This creates what I call spinning.  Doubts and fears begin to creep in and slowly but surely you go back to where you were.

It takes deliberate focus and action to continue on to create new results, no matter what is happening.

It takes trusting that you made the right decision for you and your goals, and then gathering your energy and your thoughts to take the next step on your new path.

It takes being willing to be a student again, to learning new things.

Thinking you can do this on your own  with the thinking that you have is a big mistake.  The thinking that you have is what has created the results you have today.  Learning new thoughts so you can take new actions is what will actually have you creating new results.

So, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Be open and willing to try new things.  Some will work right away and some won’t.  Trial and error is part of the game.  It’s OK, give yourself a break and enjoy the process.

Most importantly, keep your focus on where you want to be and make decisions from that space.  That is how you made the decision in the first place. Have faith in that and celebrate every new step as you take it.

Let us know some new things you are trying, we’d love to hear from you!

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