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It is all in the recovery

It is all in the recovery

Business is truly the playground for personal development.  As entrepreneurs every day we are making decisions, stretching our paradigms and learning new skills.  Every day we are interacting with people – our team, our clients, our vendors.  Some days things go well, and some days they don’t.

It’s never a matter of whether or not something will go wrong, it truly is a matter of when.

I always used to think if I was smart enough, did everything right and worked hard enough then I could avoid issues.

The truth is there are always going to be issues.  That’s business.  It is part of the game so if we choose to be in business then we choose to play this part of the game too.

There is always the one client that will just never be satisfied, the one vendor who will never return your phone call or email, and the issue that shows up that you would never have expected, right when you thought things were going along great.

So what do you do with all that?

Learning the skill of recovery so these things don’t take you out is what will make the difference between caving in and giving up or making a new decision and moving on.  It will make the difference between spinning for days, weeks and months or recovering right away.


Over the years  I have certainly been challenged along the way.  Some of the things that help me with recovery are my mentors who truly have my back when it comes to my goals and dreams, my family , friends and peers who support me in who I am as a person, and all the emails and letters from clients who value the work that we do with them.  I also have an amazing team around me who go straight to solution and help to brainstorm next steps without any negativity or attitude, a true gift.

I am clear where I am going, how I will get there is the process that is full of unknowns.  The process is never black and white and that is why we always work with a dynamic plan.  This way when things happen we can use the plan as our bench mark and make new decisions.  Then we put on our boots and go again.

Things happen. Things change.  That is a given 🙂 Who are the people and what are the things that you turn to when the challenges come? Fostering these things will go a long way in helping you recover quickly.

Enjoy the process!

In Abundance,



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