June 19, 2024 Abundance

In spite of the mess

It doesn’t seem to matter who I talk with these days there is a growing sense that something is terribly wrong and it’s really unsettling because no one seems to know where we are headed but everyone is very clear that it is not good.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you are on or what groups you support and why there is still a sense of uneasiness about where we are going, not just as a country but as a world.

Lamenting about how things used to be so simple and easy, about how clear the lines between right and wrong used to be is not helping. Sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything is fine or is someone else’s problem but not yours is not helping.  

So how do we stay positive in spite of the mess we all know is around us?

The corruption and waste at every level of government and law, the mindless battles of what’s ok and what is not ok when it comes to gender and race, and the battle between me and mine and you and yours and who deserves what.

A wise mentor of mine teaches that we are not in a world that functions on deservability. For those who wake up every morning, you are given air to breathe without having to do anything to deserve it. That gift of breath, along with many others, is present for each of us every day whether we acknowledge it or not. Whether we are grateful for life, or not. Life really is that simple.

So now what?

Everything we do, everything we think, everything we believe is a choice.  Operating on the status quo just isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to be very mindful about what we believe and why. About how we will think and act and why.  As my mentor asks “Are your thoughts, beliefs, and actions expansive or contractive?” Are you contributing to the abundance and well-being of all or living in fear and control and contraction?

In spite of the mess, we are still at choice, day by day, moment by moment and that is a gift that is available to each of us.


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