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I’m in Your Corner!

I’m in your Corner!

As women often we feel very alone when it comes to dealing with money.

When some of my clients first come to me there has typically been a lot of experience with money where they have truly felt disempowered. Sometimes that means a man or parent in their life just handled everything for them, and they were never taught how to handle money.  Sometimes it means their life was controlled by another, with money as the controlling factor.

Whatever the background the resulting emotions are typically fear and scarcity based.

It is difficult for all of us to first reach out and ask for help.  That can come from not wanting to appear stupid or it can come from not knowing who to trust.  Here is the price we pay when we fail to reach out – we don’t get to create the life we really want.  We don’t get to live the life we desire and deserve.
If you are contemplating how to leave a W2 job or how to stand on your own two feet financially because life has changed for you either by choice or by default, then it is really important that you have someone in your corner with your best interests at heart.

I often hear “I just knew I could trust you, and that you had the knowledge I needed”.  I am humbled and honored every time I hear this and do not take it lightly.  I know money has so many scary overtones to it, and I promise you it does not have to be this way.

What if you could live your life confidently with money?

What if you had clarity on where you wanted to go and had a plan that you could count on to get you there?

Imagine what that would feel like for you in your life.

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PS Want to see if we are a good fit?  CLICK HERE for a complimentary strategy session and let’s see what it would look like for you to move forward with money confidently!


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