October 6, 2020 Belief, CFO Agency, Generosity, Money

If You Want More of Something Then Give It Away

Have you ever said to yourself I will when….

  • I have more time
  • I have more money
  • I have more knowledge

I know I have.

A wise mentor of mine once told me “If you want more of something then give it away”.  Logically this just doesn’t compute and I am here to tell you it works.

Often we are holding on so tight because we are living in a space of lack.  We need to hang on tightly because there is already not enough.  We live in the fear of if I let go of what I have then I really won’t have enough.

Over the years I have discovered that this is often a matter of faith or trust.  Having faith in the flow of  whatever it is you think there isn’t enough of.  Trusting you will see it and know what to do with it when it comes.

Since money is the arena I play in, where are you holding on so tight that the flow has stopped? 

Where have you become so fearful that you don’t trust yourself to make a good decision about how to handle either the money you have or the money you desire.  And most importantly what is this costing you?

What if you were willing to step out in faith and let go?

Or better yet…

What if you were willing to receive something new and different?

Money is one of our greatest teachers.  We take the steps to learn how to manage it and create the systems to manage it well and yet for some reason it still doesn’t flow.

Give it away, and be open to what happens next!

There are so many places to give to. If you are new to giving think about the people or issues in life that tug on your heart and look into giving to them.

Let us know who you gave to and what happened next!

In Abundance,



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