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I was totally unprepared for the miracle!

I was totally unprepared for the miracle!

May 29 at 1:09 am I was blessed to witness the birth of my first granddaughter.  I was unprepared for the miracle that I experienced.  I had anticipated the excitement and the joy.  I anticipated supporting my daughter and Danny.  I anticipated the hubbub of the Doctor and nurses.

AND it truly took my breath away.

A life experience that becomes a cornerstone to change, the hopes and dreams of things that will be.  The internal knowing that who I will become in the process will have new challenges and new joys.  Looking into those newborn eyes is where the internal knowing  became real and in the here and now.

Beautiful Baby Brooklyn
Beautiful Baby Brooklyn

A similar process happens for each of us when we first start our business and again when we make a decision to grow our business – cornerstones to change – hopes and dreams of things that will be.

It is the internal knowing that most of us really don’t take the time to acknowledge until we are far down the road of our launch.  Typically it becomes very real at a point of decision making.  Decisions about things that we have never worked with before.  Decisions about the people we want to bring into our world and those we don’t.  Decisions about which direction to take and when.

Typically we plan for when things don’t work.  How will you plan when a miracle happens and things work so well you find yourself having to catch up!?

Learning how to scale a business begins now, no matter what stage you are at.

Are you ready for your breath to be taken away by your success?

Money won’t come into chaos.  If it does it will fly right through because there is no plan for the management of it.

Let’s get you ready and keep you in front of it, so you truly build the business you desire and create the lifestyle you deserve.  It’s on your heart for a reason, and we are ready to walk with you to ensure it happens.

In Abundance


PS Your miracle is closer than you think!

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