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I Was Afraid

I Was Afraid

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are stopped dead in your tracks and time slows down and you wonder……

Can I really do this?

I had one of those moments during my first 1/2 marathon.  We had passed mile 11 which meant that we were getting really close to the finish line (13.1 miles).  We were now winding through town which meant  we were in the shade of the tall buildings (thank goodness!) and I turned the corner for the last two miles and stopped dead in my tracks – literally!

What I was looking at was a very long, very steep hill, and it was all in direct sunlight.

Where in your business are you looking at a very long very, very steep hill right now?

As I visit with clients, what I am hearing is they are getting tired, burned out even.  They have been working hard, are really good at what they do, and yet all they can see is another hill to climb.

This is actually the point where most entrepreneurs begin to lose ground.

Had I stayed stopped, had I chosen to give up, I would have never achieved my goal of successfully finishing the race.   Some of you may know that my goal for this race was to finish and to finish strong.

I was at a point of choice.

Yes I was tired, yes I wondered if I could do it, yes I questioned my thinking…

AND  I made a decision.

You see this is the power each of us has within us.  Doing a marathon was not something I had ever done before.  I had a coach, I had a plan and I had my desire.  At that moment, I was able to rest on that foundation and make a decision to continue to move forward towards my goal.

In our businesses there is no difference.  As we grow, we are taking our company to a new place, somewhere we have not been before, or at least not with the company we are currently in.  Each of us needs a plan, the strategies and actions to take by when.  Each of us needs a coach, someone who has been where we want to go.  And the most important piece is WE NEED TO MAKE A DECISION.

I finished my first 1/2 marathon and I finished strong.   The sense of accomplishment was so amazing.  What I learned about myself and what I was capable of was a true gift.

What decision do you need to make today?  Go for it and let me know how it felt!  My hope for you is that you learn how truly amazing you are.

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