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I Am Reminded Once Again

I am reminded once again…

As I was visiting with my CEO clients this week, I was once again reminded of the importance of getting in front of your calendar instead of letting your calendar run you.

When we are first getting started in our business, we are so excited to be of service to anyone we can make a difference for.  In the process, especially as women, we let go of our boundaries of how and when we want to work with clients, taking away from or diminishing our time for self care and creativity.

One of the worst things I ever did was begin to use a “To Do” list.  I would book my days full of time with clients or phone time and then write a list of the things I needed to get done as well.  Since I have always been really good at organizing, I felt like I was doing a great job because I had a list to ensure nothing fell through the cracks.

It wasn’t long before I was working evenings and weekends and wondering “how am  I supposed to do all this!”.

Booking in time for handling the business of your business, time for creating the content or deliverables of your business and time for relaxing is critical.  It is an exercise that will help you to get REALLY clear on the value of your time.

I know I can hear some of you saying, “but if I don’t do XXXX then it won’t get done!”  or, “I’m not making enough money to take down time.”

This is where a strong dynamic plan comes in.  Learning how to create and live with a dynamic plan is the skill set I am teaching my CEO clients.  It’s where you learn about the freedom that comes from having everything accounted for.

Imagine what life would be like for you when you could quit at 5:00pm, when you could have your weekends off.  When you knew your creative time was always going to be available for you.  This is what is truly possible for you when you learn to create and walk with a dynamic plan.

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