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How Much Would You Invest?

How Much Would You Invest?

Starting a business is such a creative and hopeful time.  You have a vision and a strong conviction about why you want to launch out on this journey called, “entrepreneurialism.”

I know at some point in life you have been asked the question “If you knew then what you knew now would you have done this?” 

Most often I have heard it with respect to having children.  The underlying message being sometimes this journey of parenting can be really hard, if you had known that before having children would you still have them?

Or I have heard it when it comes to long term committed relationships.  Let’s face it not every day is the fairy tale romance, right!

Well the journey of entrepreneurialism is the same way.

I know for myself, it is a matter of managing my expectations.

As a little girl my dream relationship was like the TV show, “Leave it to Beaver”, then when I was older it was the sweep me off my feet romance stories.  If you have been in a long term relationship, you know there can be days like that, but the true joy actually comes from sharing life every day, the ups and the downs, the exciting times and the mundane times.

You invest yourself in the relationship 150%.  You do what ever it takes for as long as it takes.

Business is the same.  Whether it’s an investment of money, time, or energy, it will stretch you in what you think you need to do in order to achieve the results you are looking for.  Are you willing?

Learning to enjoy the process, learning to embrace the challenges, learning to surrender to a picture bigger than you could imagine on your own is all a part of what it takes.

I find money is one area where people want to contract the most.

Here is the truth.  Where else can you get a return on investment like you can in your own business? What is the rate you are expecting?  How long are you willing to invest to get what it is you are looking for?

Napoleon Hill tells us that, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Do you believe it?  If so what are you willing to invest to achieve your vision?

I love numbers, they tell us a story of how on track we are for where we want to go.  Would you like some help to listen to the story your numbers are telling with a curious mind?  The story will let you know your next best step on your journey to your vision.

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P.S. Business is the vehicle through which our visions in the world take shape.  If you would like some help knowing your investment is on track let’s talk!

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