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How Do You Decide?

How do you decide?

Isn’t it amazing how fast a day can fly by!

I know there are days that I have mapped out and then something happens.  The phone rings, an email comes in or now even a text message.  Then somehow the day is gone and you are left wondering, “How did that happen?”.

This was something that used to happen to me with a lot of frequency. Until one day I drew a line in the sand and DECIDED that I was no longer going to be “wagged by the tail” so to speak.

So how do you decide what is critical and what is important?

What are the defining lines for what is important and what would be nice to do?

For me it was having a clear plan of where I wanted to go and by when.

I know some of you just checked out on me.  Let me explain.

What if you had a measuring stick by which to make every decision.  Would that be helpful?  So you knew what to say yes to and what to say that’s great and not now to, every time with confidence!

When it comes to running a business it is really important that we learn how to make decisions quickly and confidently and then we take decisive action.

Managing your calendar is a big piece of this.  You see time is the one thing that levels the playing field for all of us.  We all get the exact same number of hours in every day.

If you feel like managing your time has been a challenge, I am going to suggest you do not have a clear enough measuring stick by which to make decisions from.  So you are making decisions on the fly and some are taking you where you want to go and some are not.

How you spend your time is also in direct correlation to how you spend your money.  When do you invest and what do you invest in.  Guess What? – the answer is in the same place.  It’s in your plan.

So you have made plans before and just like your days something comes along and blows it up.

No worries, I can help you not only create a dynamic plan, I can also teach you how to implement it so truly do get where you want to go when you want to get there!

Before 2015 gets here lets create a plan for you that will have you knock it out of the park!

I am opening up 3 spots for people to do this before the end of 2014.  If you would like to create a dynamic plan for your business for 2015 let’s talk and see if this would be a good step for you to take.

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