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How Do I Get It All Done?

How do I get it all done?

As a reforming “over deliverer,”   I am happy to let you know that it is possible to provide great service, run an amazing company and take care of yourself!   You see when we don’t take care of our self, then what happens is our productivity decreases and there is a value to that decrease.

Here is a quick exercise to  help you understand the value of your time:

Step 1

A __________ = How many  hours per day on average are you unproductive (this is what I call spinning time)

B __________ = Number of days you work per week


Step 2

A________________ x  B_______________ = C_______________  Potential additional hours of productivity that are currently being lost.

Step 3

D  $__________ = My estimated value per hour / my hourly rate (While I don’t advocate charging by the hour, for the purpose of this exercise estimate what your rate may be)


C_______________ x D$__________ = E $ __________________ Additional weekly income potential


Step 4

E $ _______________ x 4 weeks in a month = F$ ______________  Additional monthly income potential


F $ _______________ x 12 months in a year = G $ _______________ Additional annual income potential


Is the number sufficient enough that you are ready to learn how to plan your time so you can be at your best when you are working?   I know it was for me when I calculated this for the first time.

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PS if you are ready to learn how to maximize your time so you can confidently take time off let’s talk!  CLICK HERE to schedule a free session to determine how you can make the transition smoothly.

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