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Honoring Differences!

Honoring differences!

Building a business as a woman entrepreneur is such a different process than it is for a man.  We just aren’t that linear.  And that is ok!

Doing things in community is so much more helpful and more joyful for women.

I grew up in the male dominated banking world.  Where I learned early on not to show up as a strong woman, but instead to show up in my masculine.  I mastered the language – both verbal and body.  I learned the networking methods and how to speak bottom line.

As I am changing the face of my company, knowing that entrepreneurs, specifically woman entrepreneurs, desire not just bookkeeping and payroll (which we are masterful at in our company) but also a partner in their business to walk with them in this area of finance.  I am allowed the joy of  showing up in my feminine.

When it comes to money and finance I find so many women afraid to walk into this typically male dominated conversation, feeling less than in knowledge.  We come by this honestly as culturally women are not groomed to learn money speak.

Here is the truth.

The face of business is changing.  The reach of women entrepreneurs is continuing to expand and as it does we bring our feminine energy to the table.  Compassion, caring and nurturing.  These traits are also very needed when it comes to how money is used in the world.

Money is a tool.  Money is a game.  It is what will allow you to accelerate your business and the message of your business to a broader reach in the world. It is what will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire and contribute to your community as you want. 

It is my passion that money be fun for people and my goal that money works for you instead of you working for it.

I would be honored to walk with you as you explore this topic called money and how it is working in your life and in your business.    Contact me today for a complimentary financial strategy session where you will learn at least one new practical step that you can take right away to begin having money work for you.

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