August 16, 2018 Business, Finances, Payroll

Healthy Money Mindset

Do you have yourself on your payroll?

Now you may be asking… Why would I want to be on my own payroll?

Sometimes payroll is a good strategy for paying less tax!

You can take advantage of  benefit structures to lower your companies taxable position and begin a process of saving.

Sometimes payroll is what is necessary for qualifying for bank lending.  Lending today is not what it used to be.

A good old fashioned W2 is what they like to see and understand the best when it comes to qualifying for a loan.

Sometimes payroll is the structure that is easiest for staying on top of your cash flow management.

Are you finding yourself in a position of owing tax at the end of every year and you never seem to have the cash to pay it?

Payroll is a system that ensures you pay your tax along the way so at the end of the year you do not have a large bill due

If you have chosen to be taxed as an S Corporation then payroll is a requirement.

The rules of an S Corporation are you must pay yourself a “reasonable” salary.

Another reason I recommend having yourself on the payroll is… it is a way that many entrepreneurs truly pay themselves first.

When it comes to a healthy money mindset this is the first thing I teach everyone.

If payroll is a way that ensures you will truly pay yourself first then let’s get the system in place for you to make this happen.

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