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Have You Ever….

Have you ever …..

Moved 10 Ton of hay…..


It’s a ton of work – hahahaha 🙂

As some of you know, my daughter has 9 horses.  They are a variety of shapes and sizes, from her tall jumper to her miniatures who pull a cart.  You may have heard horses referred to as “Hay Burners”.  Well there is a good reason for it.  They eat a lot of hay!

This fall my daughter moved to continue on her academic journey.  Once we had located a place for Sarah to move to with her horses, then we needed to arrange for the hay.  At home, getting the hay in was pretty seamless.  We had developed a network and had a system.

Our farmer knew the kind of hay we wanted and how much and when.  When he cut it, he would pick it up in his field with this cool machine and drive right to our house with it.  This saved him time and us labor.  He didn’t have to put it in his barn and store it, and we didn’t have to go to his farm, load it and drive it to our house.  Once the hay was at our house, we had a crew of high school boys who came and put the bales in the barn.  Easy peasy.

In a new town, we did not have a network to rely on.  Because it took a while to actually find a place for Sarah and her animals to live,  hay season was in full swing before we could even begin to look for a farmer.

Did we give up?

Absolutely not.  We went to solution.  Sarah’s “Hay Burners” needed hay!

Sarah got on the phone until she found the hay.  We borrowed a trailer and went and picked it up (that means stacking it on the trailer).  Then we brought it to her new house and stacked it in the barn.  Just the two of us in 3 days moved 10 Ton of hay…… twice!

We did whatever it took to make sure the job was done.

Working at that pace is something you can do for a short period of time when you know there is a specific goal to be achieved.

You can be sure next year we will have a network and system in place.

If you are finding yourself  working really hard right now and you have been for a while, it’s time to take a look at your systems and your network.

Burnout is the number one  reason most entrepreneurs give up on their dream.

When you are first getting started, typically you do have to do it all.  Over time however it is critical that you develop systems and a network who will do many of your tasks for you.  Without doing this you will burn out, often with feelings of resentment.

Last week I had so much fun doing the brainstorming sessions that I offered I am going to offer two more this week.  Click here to send me an email, be sure to put brainstorming session in the subject line.  Then, we will send you a short questionnaire to complete.  We will choose two people to brainstorm with about their current systems.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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