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The things that we do, day in and day out, is what has the greatest impact on our lives in the long run.  I used to think it was the sprints I took in an area that made the greatest impact. Let me give you an example.

Weight has been one of those things that I have battled forever it seems.  The sprints I would take looked like a diet.  I would muster all my courage and self discipline and follow a diet for a period of time.  Over the years there have been some crazy ones!  The all fruit diet or the cabbage soup diet are coming to mind 🙂

The problem with the sprint was I couldn’t do it forever.  It was not something that would ever become a habit.  So eventually I would return to my habits.  If I would have simply tweaked a few habits I could have done that for the long run and my results would have been permanent.

The same is true with money.

What are your habits and are they taking you where you want to go?

The most empowering habit that my clients learn when they work with us, is the habit of reviewing your numbers on a regular basis.  What you focus on grows so I teach my clients to focus on their revenues and manage their expenses.  It’s much more empowering and the results are significant!

Often what I see is the habit of reviewing your numbers just at tax time or if the bank account all of a sudden dips into a negative figure.  What this means is you are always in reaction instead of being proactive.  When you are proactive you have a lot more choices available to you and there is a lot more peace of mind.  So even if you know you are going to go through a cash flow crunch you know it is temporary because you know what is coming next and when.

Are you ready to be more proactive by getting connected with your numbers?  Let us help you so you can knock 2014 out of the park starting now!

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