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Guiding Steps

Guiding Steps

I did my first 5K today and had so much fun and was so proud of myself!  I went into the race with a lot of self doubt and disappointment.  I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to run the entire 5K.  I was worried about being able to do a good job.  AND then, I listened to my coach who told me to let go of self doubt and judgment and have fun.   My goal was to do my personal best.

What I noticed was that each of us did the race in our own way.  Some ran the whole race, some ran and walked in intervals, and some walked the entire race.  My walk was faster than some peoples run and slower than other peoples walk.

There were people of all ages and sizes, from young children hanging on to their parents hands, to older people.  There were entire families holding hands at the starting line, and friends keeping pace together as a group.  I think this is what it is like in business.  We all come to the starting line with our own agenda and in the skin that we have today.

No matter what the reason for coming to the race we all followed the guided path and did the same race, ending in the same place.  We just did it differently, according to our own goals and according to our current capacity.

The bottom line is to start, do what it takes, and finish.

Not everyone in my town was at the starting line.  Not everyone has on their heart to build a business.  If you have on your heart to build a business, just get started. Show up at the starting line, get a coach to guide you and then do what it takes to finish.  Let go of the self doubt, let go of the judgment and comparisons.  While there is a definite path to building a business, what it looks like along the way is all you, and that is perfect.

Looking forward to seeing you at the finish line!

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