February 11, 2014 Abundance

Grow From Failure

5 Ways to Grow from Failure

For people with high standards the thought of failure can sometimes be paralyzing.   The truth is all successful people have failed at some point.  If you are going to step into any arena with the goal of outstanding results then it is inevitable that you will experience failure somewhere along the way.   It is simply how we get better.

So here are some ways to cultivate resilience:

1.  Keep it in perspective – no one has ever died from failure.  Allow yourself 2 hours to feel the pain and then move on.

2.  Come from Responsible – never look for a place to put blame.  Typically we will want to blame our self which produces nothing but shame.  This is not necessary.

3.  Learn from it – there is always a golden nugget we can take away from any failure.  Always look for this insight so you truly grow from  the experience.

4.  Keep a running list of your success – too often we forget all the great things we have accomplished.

5.  Supportive Environment – make sure to surround yourself with people who are in forward motion.  We always rise to the level of our closest 5 relationships.

All failure is your chance for improvement.  When you can keep it in that light you will grow and increase your capacity for creating new results.  Who knows, someday failure may be the thing that lets you know you are on the brink of your next great accomplishment! Connect with me.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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