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Gratitude for the work we have

Gratitude for the work we have

This weekend is Labor Day. For most of us it means an extra day to rest from our labors. To spend time doing things that we love, outside of our work, with people that we love. It is a time to be grateful for the work that we have.When I hear someone complaining about their work, lamenting about how it is their right to have that job or that they expect to be taken care of more regardless of the effort they put in, I am saddened. Whether you are the owner of a company or an employee the work is a team effort. Each plays a role or a part to ensure the success of a company. It is that success that allows each to continue working and to be reimbursed for that work. If you are an employee who feels taken advantage of my question to you is are you in the right field and are you playing 110%?I always have the most fun working in collaboration. You know when you are working with someone whose “come from” is giving instead of taking. Then it is all about being of service to the bigger picture instead of what am I going to get out of this. There is an energy about it that is creative. That is where results take off and soar. Napoleon Hill says we are reimbursed in direct proportion to the service we bring to others. I always ask myself what level of service am I providing? Am I playing at 110%?

When the service we provide is a passion for us, when that service is how we do all areas of our life, that is when we notice results that are beyond our wildest imaginations. When we play 110% for the sake of playing instead of what we will get in return for it. That is when magic happens.

So this labor day I for one am truly thankful for the work that I do and the people I get to play with who are all about service!

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