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A Grand Opening

A Grand Opening

Do you remember when you were first getting started?

How did you let the world know you were in business?

When I think back, it was all word of mouth when I first got started.  I really wasn’t even thinking about being in business, and my friends were starting a business and needed help with bookkeeping.  Since then my client growth has come in many different ways.

As my company grew and contracted, and grew and contracted, I learned one thing, there is a tipping point at which everything takes off.  Then when you contract, and you always do for a variety of reasons, you never go all the way back to zero, but only back to the last tipping point.  Why is that?


You see as we are growing our business we are either consciously or unconsciously putting systems in place to handle the growth.  A system for how we handle our money, for how we handle our paper flow, for how we take in a new client and how we deliver our content.

Our systems work really well until they don’t 🙂  (I know the first time I heard that I was not impressed – AND it’s true!)  When they no longer work is when we contract.  We go back to where we can deliver our best product with the least number of issues.

When we are committed to growth we have to be willing to let go of the systems that are no longer serving us and learn and implement new ones.    One of the main systems we work with is how we handle our money.  It is a system that is critical at every stage of our business and believe it or not is a system most people avoid.

Here is the truth.  How you handle your money is what will make the difference between creating a job for yourself and creating a long term sustainable business that reaches a lot of people and allows you to live the life you envision for yourself.

Until you handle this piece, you will always contract back to where you were.  So set yourself up to win and make sure you have your money systems working for you instead of you working for them!

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