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Going Alone

Are you a lone ranger?  I know for way to many years I was.  I also know that typically those were also the times when my business was not doing as well.  This is a very costly mistake in business and unfortunately I see a lot of entrepreneurs – also known as solopreneurs – trying to go it alone.

Statistically the odds are not in our favor when we go it alone.  For those who do not learn the art of reaching out, who are not open to learning and growing with a mentor the odds of their business failing or never truly reaching business status are very high.

If you suffer like I did from the “I should be able to figure this out, I am a smart person” then I want to share with you first hand the joys and the accelerated growth that comes from reaching out.

You see we don’t know what we don’t know.  Asking for help was one of those things that I thought was embarrassing.  To me it meant I had not done my homework. I wasn’t smart enough or capable enough to figure something out.  That is just not true.  Learning to ask great questions is a skill and one that will unlock the world for you.

The best word I have for describing work with my mentor is synergy.  Where the sum of what we can come up with together is greater than anything either one of us could have come up with alone.  This is where there is so much creativity and juice.  Then when it comes to walking the path, I have my mentor to help me stay on track so there is no chance of tripping myself up with old thinking or old habits.  This is how the accelerated growth happens!

Would love to hear your success stories from working with a mentor!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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