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Goals and Results

I am one of those people who love to achieve goals.  Working hard to achieve is actually something I enjoy and typically I will get great results but I will not always reach the goal.  In the past when I didn’t reach the goal, when the results were not what I had hoped for, I used to beat myself up pretty good – with things you may be familiar with like I am not smart enough or not good enough.  I would then look at the goal as not achievable by me. I had results and goals intertwined which meant when I didn’t achieve the result I also threw out the goal.

When I understood the distinction between goals and results it was very liberating.  It brought a great sense of relief which opened up more creativity for me.  A goal is the big picture.  It is the concept I want to bring to the world that is unique to me.  It is my vision, my message, the calling on my heart.  In order to achieve this goal there are many actions that will be required along the way and each action will have a hoped for result.
The good news is that now, when a hoped for result is not achieved it is nothing more than the opportunity to sit back and ask myself and my team:  What worked, what didn’t and what is next?  This is what allows the creativity to come instead of the disappointment.  Results are like the steps along the way to achieving the goal.  Some steps are larger than others, some require help from other people, some require large investments of time, energy and money and some don’t.
With every step comes the opportunity for learning, personal growth and renewed commitment.  With every step I get closer to my goal.  As long as I am committed to continued action, to continually taking the next step, my goal will be achieved in the world.
There are an infinite number of steps that can be taken to reach any goal.  Typically in business there are some steps that when taken in the wrong order can create great delays in achieving your goal.  So when taking steps I have found that it is best not to try and recreate the wheel.  These are the places where I can bring in team, I can hire a coach, I can co-create with partners.  Depending on what I am needing – ideas, accountability, or support with actions – helps me to know where to turn.  I don’t have to do everything on my own and as I have known with myself and seen with most of my clients it is best not to.  Knowing when to bring in what kind of help is critical and knowing your numbers is what allows you to confidently make these decisions.
If you are ready to take new steps in 2014, to understand your numbers so you can confidently make decisions on your way to achieving your goal, to ensure you keep more of the money you make so you are able to care for your family and your team abundantly, to fully step into the calling on your heart then contact us today to take advantage of a complimentary strategy session by clicking here now.   Contact Sue

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