April 13, 2017 Money, Numbers, Systems

Get It Right!

The lessons can come hard and fast when it comes to money.  Just this week we had a client understand the impact of not having your numbers in order when it comes to making decisions in the moment.

You see without current and accurate numbers we can literally make up any story we want about what is happening in our business and on the home front. And what is really happening is we are flying by the seat of our pants!

What if you saw every expenditure you made as an investment?

Every investment of your time, money and resources.  When we are investing we are looking for an ROI – Return On Investment.  When there is clarity on what will come as a result of the investment then we can look at things from that perspective.

Learning how to look at expenditures as an investment is a skill.  It’s part of your financial leadership.  What helps each of us step into this skill is our systems and process around money management.  So where are you on track in your money management and where are you off track?

Clarity is what gives us choice and choice is freedom!

I’ve created a quick assessment designed to give you clarity when it comes to money management.  Imagine in 4 minutes knowing what you can celebrate having in place and where the best place is for you to focus next!

CLICK HERE and take the assessment.  You will be glad you did!


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