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When you are working with your clients, are you aware of the difference you are making with them?  I have always seen myself as a catalyst.  The work we do with our clients is to set them up with a solid foundation, so they are empowered to do more of what they do in the world.

We work with two kinds of entrepreneurs:

  • The first kind are just getting started.  They are trying to build and are not sure how.  They are typically struggling with roller coaster income – sometimes up and sometimes down.
  • The  second kind are making good money but they never seem to have enough and it slips through their hands as fast as they make it.

Typically what is happening for both of these entrepreneurs is they are disconnected from their numbers.  They don’t know how to read their numbers in a Profit and Loss so they are often making decisions with emotion when it comes to their business.

At Abundance Accounting and The Mastery of Money we teach entrepreneurs how to read their numbers, so they can make decisions about their business with confidence and clarity.  We teach them how to plan with their numbers so they have peace of mind and know that they are on track for their goals.

The more we can give to our clients the more they can make a difference in the world  doing what they do best, doing what is on their heart to do in the world.  That is where the joy comes for me.

Coming from a place of generosity is what allows us to make the biggest difference.

What is it that you give your clients?  Leave a comment and let us know .

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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