March 16, 2023 Generosity

Generosity and Giving

Inspiration comes in many forms.  In Kalispell, I belong to a group called Women Who Wine.  This group gathers monthly to fundraise and be with one another.  It was started many years ago by 4 women who enjoyed one another’s company over a glass of wine and who wanted to give back to our community.  Membership has grown over the years and many relationships have been created.

The entire process is run by a group of committed volunteers.  Over time the leadership changes hands and new ideas and energy are brought forth to keep the organization moving forward.  The vision continues to stay strong.

Each month we learn about a nonprofit organization in our valley that is making a difference for our community.  It is always inspiring to hear how the organization got started.  They tell the story of how they came to serve the people they are making a difference for.  Often they are stories of a hardship or a situation that broke someone’s heart enough that they chose to take action and do something about it.  Along the way, they found others who were also committed to the cause and their ability to serve continued to grow.

At the end of the year, we hold an annual banquet and give away all the money that was raised that year to the 12 recipients.  

Our valley, like many other areas across the country is struggling with increased demands and fewer resources to meet those demands.  As our economy continues to twist and turn and our workforce continues to dwindle, those who choose to give are being stretched thinner and thinner.

While I am inspired by the commitment and dedication of these organizations, I wonder why the room isn’t busting at the seams.

Why have the demands become so great and the resources so thin?

What happened to the ethics of being a contributing member of society?

Of giving from the blessings that each of us have been blessed with?

A wise mentor once told me – if you want more of something, give it away.  If you want more money give more away.  If you want more time give more away.  We can all make a difference with a mindset of generosity and actions of giving.  I find it to be very rewarding and inspiring in ways I could not imagine.

In Abundance,



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