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I had a wonderful call with Rev. Karen Russo this week.  We were talking about the freedom that comes from the disciplines of financial management and planning.  I know some of you just checked out right now but stay with me.

Money is one of those things that touches every area of our life.  We can all agree on that.  So if that is the case, how would your life be different if you focused attention on it from a positive outlook, instead of the negative outlook so many have.

What we focus on grows.  So often I see people focusing on their expenses.  Focus from a point of worry and scarcity.  What if instead you focused on your revenues and how you are going to generate them?  Then the expenses are simply something you manage in relation to the income.

You see when we are in a space of lack and fear we are not as creative as we could be.  We are blind to opportunities that are right in front of us.  We are not able to receive because we are holding everything so tightly and close to home, trying to control what is happening.

I get it, letting go and trusting, choosing to focus on forward growth can be scary because you never know what is coming next.  AND that is also the good news!  You never know what is coming next.  So why not just be open to the good things that are coming next? 

The disciplines I follow are looking at my revenues every day and my total cash flow once a week.  Then on a monthly basis I am reviewing my plan for the year.  Am I on track?  What is working and what is not, and what am I doing next.

There is such joy in reviewing this plan on a monthly basis.  I am empowered to be at choice.  I am connected with my numbers to make sure I achieve the goals I want.  This way each day and week when I am making decisions about how to spend my time I am doing it with confidence!

Ready for some confidence and the freedom that comes with it?  I have a few spots left in my CEO club.  Schedule a time now and lets see if we are a good fit!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson

Financial Management Expert

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