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I Am Finally Free to Build My Business!

I am finally free to build my business!

This is what one of my CEO clients exclaimed this week as we were talking.  From this realization her action steps were focused and accelerated.

  • She hired an assistant with exceptional skills who can truly support her.  In the past she was hiring assistants that she was supporting.
  • She determined how she wants to be supported in her home, so she can participate in the parts that are fun for her,  like gardening , and the rest is handled by those who enjoy the other activities like shopping and cleaning.
  • Her conversations with her clients were more powerful resulting in not only new actions for them but also new clients for her,

What changed?

Her thinking!

You see we all have thinking that affects our results, some of which we are aware of and some we are not.  In our CEO program, we work not only with the nuts and bolts of money planning and tracking but also with money relationship.

Somewhere along the line my client had picked up the thinking that building a business and making money was greedy.   I hear some version of this from many people.  This thinking affects so many of the daily decisions that we make in our business and it affects the results we are able to accomplish.

What if you could understand what I call your Money Principles?  Those guiding beliefs that are affecting everything you do in your business.  You see some things we come by naturally, just by who we are, and some things we come by from the experiences we have had in life.

Uncovering those things that are an inner gift just for us allows us settle into actions that are natural and good and right, so we actually take the steps that will bring the results that are on our heart to create.  This is what happened for my client.   This is what happened for me years ago.

Being empowered with money is one of the most life changing experiences I know.

Money is a tool to be used by us.  Unfortunately money is one of those things that is so misunderstood, and thus not used in an empowering way.

Are you ready to be empowered with money rather than having it be an area of chaos and overwhelm?

Contact me today for a complimentary discussion on your money principles!

In Abundance


PS  What if you could have fun with money?  Let’s talk and see how that can be possible for you!

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