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How Fast Are You Rolling?

How fast are you rolling? 

Have you ever tried to push a large object straight across the ground?  Or perhaps up a hill?  The hardest part is at the beginning when you are first getting it to move.  I am sure there are all kinds of scientific reasons for this, and since I am not a scientist I am not even going to try and explain it from that perspective.  What I do know is once the object begins to move, it almost takes on a force of its own.  It builds momentum and then it gets easier and easier to keep it moving.

Beginning a business, launching a new product line, investing in a new discipline all require the same initial effort.  An effort that really doesn’t last forever (though sometimes it can feel like it) and it is greatest at the beginning.  What I see all too often is that the resistance from the object in the beginning can seem so big that people give up way too soon.

The resistance by the way is not the actual “weight” of the object (or the activities required of something new in business), it is the resistance of your mind overcoming the fear and uncertainty of the new endeavor.  You see our minds like to keep us safe.  They like to protect us.  So they keep us where we already are, where everything is known  and familiar.  What that can look like is a very “rational” inner voice telling us this initial effort is not worth the risk.

Here is what I know.  Learning how to overcome this voice is critical if you want to achieve new results, the results of your  new business or your  new launch.  The voice isn’t ever going to go away so mastering how to deal with it is a journey worth taking if you are all about new results.

“Why should I?” may be a question that is coming to mind for you.  And my answer to you is what is the calling on your heart?  Is it wishful thinking for you or a burning desire?  Overcoming the voice is a process that takes dedication and commitment.  Your desire must be big enough and strong enough that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your results.  You are ready to commit and dedicate the time and energy required to achieve your dream.

So I will ask you again – how fast are you rolling?  Ready to step it up a notch?

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