What is it?

An Online Blended Learning Program 

Establish Your Financial Footprint

Get it done the right way, once and for all, so you are set up to win for today and tomorrow!

Establish the financial systems to support exponential growth, stay in compliance with government regulations and keep more of the money you make.

Attention entrepreneurs, investors and individuals…

  • Are you feeling like it’s time to create good financial systems but you don’t know where to even start? 
  • Are you wondering if it is even possible to get “your mess” into order and nervous that once you do it will be too much to deal with emotionally? 
  • Do you hate paperwork and find it’s the last thing you want to work with yet you know it’s the next skill you need to take your business to the next level of growth? 
  • Do your eyes glaze over when you look at financial reports and you aren’t sure what to even look at or how to interpret the information? 
  • Do you want to be ready to grow your business knowing you have the financial systems in place to keep more of the money you make?

If so then you are in the right place and I love that you are here!


Establish Your Financial Footprint is an online blended learning experience where I share the exact steps I’ve used with clients for over 30 years to create financial management systems that are tailor made for you so they truly support you and your goals.

You will learn how to reframe your money relationship set yourself up with the systems of the financially successful and learn how to connect with your numbers in a playful and meaningful way.

You will come away with a fully implemented financial management system and new skills that inspire a increased confidence in managing your finances.

Only 12 Seats Available, Say YES Today!


What You Will Learn

Module 1: Reclaim Your Money Mastery

In this module, you will take your first steps to reclaim your financial power, uncover the blind spots that have kept you stuck and begin to develop the money mindset and habits that will keep you on track toward your financial dreams.

By the end of this module you will have… 

  • Reclaimed your financial dreams and goals 
  • An understanding of how your personal beliefs and experiences may be sabotaging your financial success and developed new beliefs to support you as the leader of your financial picture 
  • Committed to the financial life you desire and deserve by understanding the full cost of not doing so 
  • A “first pass’ written vision for your financial dreams and goals both personally and for your business  

Module 2: Bringing the Pieces Together

In this module, you will discover a playful way to gather all your paperwork into one place once and for all!

By the end of this module you will… 

  • Learn the 7 ways people sabotage themselves with data management 
  • Step into a new playful perspective with data
  • Walk a step by step process for gathering all your information so you actually complete it
  • Learn where you are heading with the information

Module 3: Lay the Foundation of Your Money Empire

In this module, you will have made a decision about and implemented the financial foundations that you will continue to grow from.

By the end of this module you will… 

  • Understand your motivations for having a financial management system
  • Know why QuickBooks is the software of choice for most people
  • Choose the data management system that will work best for you
  • Lay the foundation to ensure a financial future of ease

Module 4: Find Your Fortune in the Details

In this module, you will bring it all together. You will learn how to integrate your information with your systems to produce the details you will need to make confident financial decisions.

By the end of this module you will… 

  • Learn how to tap into your courage
  • Choose the layout for financial reporting that is meaningful to you
  • Enter all opening balances in your system
  • Begin to understand how to connect with your reporting

Module 5: Define Your Steps for Success

In this final module, you will put together your money management tool kit for ongoing success.

By the end of this module you will… 

  • Have a step by step process for empowering your Money Mastery
  • Understand the value of connecting with your reports
  • Know which reports are empowering for you
  • Have a step by step checklist of what to do when
  • Know how to make decisions with confidence

Only 12 Seats Available, Say YES Today!

In short, you get everything you need to establish and implement a financial management system the right way and with ease!

"Working with Sue has benefitted me immensely, there is no question. She has taught me how to value myself, my services, my work in the world, and how to connect with prospects and clients in a more direct and mindful fashion that focuses on getting the results I need to stay in business and serve more people. She has also guided me on how to create a better money system for myself, how to look at money in a new way, to work with it instead of against it and to understand the consequences of my actions, for instance, when and how often I chose revenue generating activities in my day as opposed to activities that may support my business on a secondary level, but not necessarily generate revenue. She has streamlined my process and that makes all the difference as a solo entrepreneur!" 

Melissa Waldron, Red Hot Now

"I had always been afraid to confront finances. I've never been great at math and no matter what I was making, it was never enough. This year I was determined to get out of this scarcity mentality and my goal was to become an excellent manager of my finances. I knew that once I brought clarity and order to our finances, the money would overflow. It hasn't been easy, it's required me to say yes to some things I didn't even know how I would pay for...but in the end it was worth it. I now KNOW my numbers, my clientele has quadrupled, I know what it costs to run my business, I'm sticking to a budget that doesn't feel restrictive, I feel confident in my 12 month vision and the level of integrity I have in my business dealings is so different than even a year ago. I'm so grateful to see the fruits that have come as a result of me making a simple decision to stop struggling and start accepting that abundance is my birthright. Special thanks to Sue Thompson for helping me see the big picture literally! And how every financial decision factors into that." 

Jackie Kotei, Marketing Coach

"As an entrepreneur and business owner, I highly recommend The CFO Agency for any financial management/planning needs. Note that there is one major piece to the puzzle in order for the relationship to have success, though. That piece of the puzzle is patience and time. As an entrepreneur, I typically want things done FAST and see a return on my investment within minutes, but that should never be the case when it comes to your finances. Give Sue and her team a bit of time to understand you, your company, and your habits. I guarantee you won't be disappointed when you do! "

Ryan Withrow, Awesome Communication 

When you enroll, you will receive:

  • Six months access to our state of the art online learning platform and module action guides, where we walk you through our step by step process designed to support you in establishing your financial footprint once and for all. This is where you access the modules above and where you discover the fail proof process of getting your system up and running with ease. (Value $1997)
  • 7 Live interactive group calls. These calls will ensure you have the support you need to actually complete each step and truly finish the course with your financial management systems up and running. (Value $5600)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can connect with other entrepreneurs we are also establishing their financial footprint and with Sue’s team who can give you feedback and support. (Value Priceless)

In addition, you will get:

Bonus 1

Accounting Alchemy Resource Center

Access to Sue’s highly acclaimed resource center, giving you the templates and checklists for a solid foundation to data management. (Value $297)

Bonus 2


Expand your knowledge masterminding with other small business owners like yourself. The value of meeting and learning with others comes from the connections you make with them and those they know. (Priceless) 

Bonus 3

A complimentary One on One session with Sue

Get Sues 30+ years’ experience on your Financial Foundation. In this 90-minute session, Sue will review your set up and make sure your next best steps are identified. (Value $697)

Bonus 4

Quick Books Online

If QuickBooks online is the avenue you would like to use then enjoy your first three months free on me* (Value $120) *Only for subscriptions that are newly established through The CFO Agency. 

You will come away from this program with systems and structures in place and the confidence to use them so they support your vision becoming a reality!

Value: $7000

Priced: $2997

Today: $1497 

Only 12 Seats Available!

 Peace Of Mind Guarantee:

Buy the course, and get started. If by the end of Module 2 you don’t like it or don’t believe it will help you to Establish Your Financial Footprint you can ask for your money back – no questions, no hassles, no kidding.

About Sue Thompson...

Sue Thompson is known as America’s Financial Management Expert. Her message evolved over 30 years working in banking and finance and as a Business Owner. In her accounting business she has helped hundreds of people manage their money, eliminate debt, and build their businesses and their lives to create less stress and more financial freedom. 

Sue is very experienced and highly trained in the skills of money management and stewardship. She is a gifted speaker and seminar leader that is both entertaining and knowledgeable. Her insights have helped people to reach and exceed their financial goals sooner than they ever thought possible.

Sue’s tips can take the scary proposition of finances and turn them into an exciting plan for your future. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with a step by step plan to achieving your goals. Plus she teaches how to do all this without stress and arguments.

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