As a professional you know firsthand the challenges of managing other people's investments.  Taking care of your own numbers can often prove to be challenging.  While your industry has done a great job providing you with strong options for Property Management the accounting piece is still a bit of a challenge. 


We specialize in making sure you as the business are also being managed well.  Having solid numbers in your own company is a key first step.  Learning how to connect with those numbers so you are able to make solid decisions about staffing and profitability are next.  And most important that you as the business owner are keeping more of the money you are making and it is  doing its job for you in your life as a whole.


Time is the equalizer for all of us.  Using your numbers to help you make confident decisions about how to invest your time energy and money keeps you from spinning in indecision.   Let us put that piece together for you so you can do what you do best.





Your practice is running well.  Clients and their pets are well served.  You are seeing continued growth and yet the bottom line after you pay taxes never seems to grow as fast.  Why is that?

Your industry does a great job giving you guidelines for income and expenses.  How you are charging can be easy to establish but keeping more of the money you make is where the challenge begins.  Knowing your margins and being able to make them real in practice is the key.

It begins with first having solid numbers to work with and then connecting with those numbers in such a way that you are able to make decisions and plan for sustainable growth with them.   You want to be able to pay your team well while at the same time make sure you are also hitting the mark for your personal income goals.

We have worked with many practices to not only streamline their accounting but more importantly help the owners to keep more of the money they are making.  We would love to help you do the same!





From churches, to youth groups, to charities, The CFO Agency partners with your organization to keep your mission on a sustainable path of prosperity. If you are looking to continue your service to the community, we will be right alongside your organization every step of the way.

Our nonprofit accounting service tracks all the financial aspects of your organization. We help you use this information to make the appropriate financial decisions when it comes to advancing your mission. Our nonprofit accounting serves a variety of sectors including religious, education, health, social services, commerce, amateur sports clubs, and the arts.

Our nonprofit accounting is offered as a feature with one of our bookkeeping packages. To view our bookkeeping packages, click here.

We look to serve you, just as you are in service to others in the community.

Crane above construction sites


Tracking the profitability of different projects has never been so simple and straightforward. The CFO Agency will track all of the costs associated with a job and provide that information to you, so you can make real-time decisions that will ultimately benefit your company's bottom line. We will take care of the detailed level of accounting to insure timely invoicing and job profitability reporting.

Job Cost Accounting is appropriate for deriving the cost of designing a new software program, constructing a building, manufacturing a small batch of products, investing into real estate, or other services that are job specific.

Job Cost Accounting takes into consideration:

  • Materials. Accoumulates the cost of compontents and then assigns these costs to a product or project once the components are used.
  • Labor. Accumulates labor costs specifit to each job.
  • Overhead. Accumulates costs in cost pools, and then allocates these costs to jobs.

Job Cost Accounting allows you to track costs specific to jobs. This information can be examined to see if future jobs need to be modifies to be more profitable.

This service is a feature available through our bookkeeping packages. To view our bookkeeping packages, click here.

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