February 3, 2015 CFO Agency

Ever Been In The Hospital?

Last week Ken had surgery, no worries he is going to be just fine and is now well on his way to recovery, my experience though was one I wanted to share.  I wonder how many of you are dealing with the same issue.

Hospitals are their own little world.  They run on their own schedule with their own set of rules – this is what makes their world go around  well.

Of course it truly messed with my world, lesson learned when dealing with hospitals it’s best not to plan anything else 🙂

The gift in all of it was an opportunity to look at how I am scheduling my time.  Time management is one of those things I have always dealt with.  So of course what that means is this is a pattern for me.  So the ultimate questions of course are “What is working, what is not and now what?”

These are the same questions I use with my clients when we are looking at their cashflow.  When we are looking at their business forecast in light of what is actually happening.

These are the most powerful questions I learned early on in my business AND they are questions that can be used again and again at every stage of business development and at every stage of financial management.  Things change as we grow.  Things change as time marches on.

Sometimes it takes an unusual event for us to take pause and ask these questions again.  If you are like me, it is really easy for life to march along, after all I truly love all that I do with my work, my exercise and my family life.  What happens though is I slip into old patterns without realizing it.

This is why I reached out to my coach and to my network of amazing colleagues, their words of wisdom and support were exactly what I needed to best answer the question “Now What?”

We are all very intelligent and passionate people, and it is really hard (impossible for most of us) to see our patterns let alone come up with ways to change them.  This is why having the eyes and ears and minds of others in our life to help us is so important.  People who hold us as powerful and capable. People who support us in our vision and goals.

This is what we do for our clients when it comes to managing their money.

Don’t wait for a life event to happen (inevitably it will 🙂 ) before you take on your financial management.  This is the perfect time of year to get a jump on it!   If you are ready to be supported with your financial management so 2015 flows easier, so your money is working for you instead of you working for it schedule a time to talk with us.

I am getting a jump on my calendar so in 2015 it is working for me – to celebrate this commitment I am offering 4 spaces for a Financial Management Strategy Session.  Complete this short application now to be considered for one of these  spots, valued at $497.

Let’s make 2015 the year we tamed the things that will allow us to accelerate our impact with our work and  accelerate living the lifestyle we deserve!

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