February 5, 2015 CFO Agency

Speaking About Money

Speaking About Money

We had the privilege of speaking at the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network Symposium last Saturday.  The welcome and organization of this event were truly first class.  It was great fun to see women in business coming together to share services, products and learning.  It was also fun to have my team with me, Austin and Bob.



Of course we had the joy of talking about our favorite subject – Money!

I was once again reminded of the few opportunities that are available for learning about money.  It is not a topic that most people want to talk about, let alone invest time in learning.  AND it is a foundational skill set for any entrepreneur.

One of my mentors always reminds us, “Money will get your attention one way or another”.  You see we deal with money from the time we receive our first quarter or first paycheck until the day we die, leaving our mess or our legacy.  Since money also touches every area of our life, I for one think it is much more fun to be the driver when it comes to money instead of allowing money to drive me.

After the presentation,  one attendee shared with me that she wished she would have met someone like me 4 years ago.  She had her own business, but managing the cashflow was always a challenge.  Eventually she sold her business.  Her comment was, “If I had worked with someone like you, I would not have struggled so much and I would probably still have my business”.

Are you struggling with the financial part of your business and your life?  You don’t have to! 

Money is a tool and learning how to manage this tool is a skill and the good news about skills is they can be learned!

So why do you want to learn how to have money work for you instead of you working for it?  In a word FREEDOM!

There are simple building blocks and step by step processes for learning how to build a business while at the same time building your financial wealth.  This framework will truly get you to live the lifestyle you deserve.

I offered the attendees of this workshop a free hand out on “4 Easy Exercises: For Truly Building The Business You Desire And Living The Lifestyle You Deserve.”  If you would like one, reach out and contact me.

Make 2015 the year you step into the driver’s seat with your money.  Let us help you so you truly have the success you are desiring.    For those who actually do their homework with this handout I am happy to visit with you about the programs and services we offer to see what is the best fit for you right where you  are at today!

Connect with me now, I look forward to talking with you!

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