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Entrepreneurs with Vision

Entrepreneurs with Vision

I am in San Diego, having just finished a training for a group of up and coming entrepreneurs.  This was a very inspiring group of people with strong callings on their heart to make a difference with their message.  A group of people willing to learn and do what it takes to truly become the CEO of their business so their vision is fulfilled.

As I was preparing for them, what was most important to me was that I was able to give them incredible value.  Since I know you are also an entrepreneur with a vision, I was thinking you may find this of value too!

We did an exercise on Freedom Planning!  Learning how to take a goal and chunk it down so it truly gives you peace of mind.  Understanding that when  we are at choice we truly have freedom.  Planning is the vehicle that gives us this ability.

So here are the 3 steps to planning:

1.  Clarity – where and you going by when and why?

  • I encouraged everyone to create at least 3 goals in each of the following areas that they would like to accomplish in the next 12 months:  Business, Money,  Relationships and Personal.  Life is to be lived in all areas!

2.  Bite Size Peices

  • For each of those goals break it down into quarters: beginning with the end in mind (not dividing it by 12)
  • Now break it down to months
  • Now break it down to weeks
  • We are tracking not only the numbers – income goals and expenses to manage –  but also your time so put it on your calendar!

3.  Review & Tweak

  • on as regular a basis as possible review what actually happened with what you planned
  • ask 3 powerful questions: What worked, What didn’t and What is next?  This is where you are at choice, where you become empowered, where you make decisions with confidence!

Have fun with this!  If you have questions leave me a note here and I will be happy to help!

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