June 15, 2023 CFO Agency, Money, Wealth Building

Energy and Money

What is the definition of money?

There are many answers to this question and for some, the answer is charged with lots of emotion. The truth is it’s just a tool, a medium of exchange between two people who agree upon its value.

If this is the truth then why do we struggle so much with the mastery of using the tool?

What if we understood that the mastery of money is just a game, and we understood that there are a million ways to play the game? Each game has its own set of rules and strategies and the goal is to simply choose a game that interests you. Once you have made that choice then you simply learn the rules, play with the strategies and stay with them until you master it.

Sounds like a lot more fun right!?

I love the game of business. I also love the game of real estate. The game of the stock market or trading does not interest me but I have a lot of clients who love it. There are as many games and ways to play each game as there are people. It is simply a matter of finding the one that you like. A game you can play and still sleep at night.

We have all heard the saying that what you focus on increases. This is the energy part of money. What if instead of focusing on lack or frustration we focused on learning a game and getting real good at it?  

Our company focuses on helping entrepreneurs first learn how to keep more of the money they make and then establish wealth development plans so they can not only live life now the way they desire but also leave the legacy they desire. If that is a game you would like to master, let’s talk and see how we can be of service!

In Abundance,



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