May 18, 2023 Change, Wealth Building

Education and Our Children

What is the public education system becoming?  Not only is it disappointing in the topics that are being taught it is also frightening to see the lack of clarity in oversight.  

This year due to serious overcrowding issues and an administration more focused on politics rather than serving children, my daughter chose to take her children out of the public school system and home-school them. We fully supported her decision. The experience the children were having was a nightmare.

Without going into detail about what was and wasn’t happening at the school and after doing significant research and talking with many parents, grandparents, and teachers it became very evident that the public education system which I always felt was important for children and society was no longer serving its purpose.

Like so many other areas of life, things change and it’s those with a pioneering spirit who will say “no more” and begin the process of finding a better way.

The difference in our grandchildren in a very short period of time was astounding. Now rather than being shoved into a box of behavior and learning they are being allowed to learn and blossom in ways that are as unique as they are.  

As I ponder what it is we will need from future leaders creativity comes to mind, along with fiscal responsibility and generosity. Financial Management is one topic that is not taught in schools at all.  Those lessons are typically learned vicariously as we make our way through life.  

What if learning how to manage money so it was truly the tool it was created to be was more commonplace and all the emotional charge was removed?

What if leadership truly took into account a win win win motto?

What if homes and communities truly understood the abundance of life in such a way that everyone was responsible for themselves rather than stealing from others?

There is a huge morale gap in the world right now. It’s not hard to see it when you look around. Investing in our children today is one way we truly can make a difference so the future has a fighting chance.  

As a company, we are pioneering the financial space. As a household, we are pioneering in our grandchildren. Where can you pioneer for not only a better today but for the generations of the future?



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