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Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

Have you had a dream come true?  I know I have.

Typically for me, it is a very exciting and humbling time.

This year for our company has been one of building our team and a solid platform of systems from which to accelerate our growth from.  It has been both a stretching process and an eye-opening process.

One of my mentors said to me “Sue, in order for you to grow your company to the size that’s on your heart, you need to understand there is no way you are going to be able to do it on your own.”  She was right on.

Wow – for me that was a trusting thing.  Trusting others, including God.  Trusting myself, that I could make good decisions no matter what came along.

Here is what helped me.  Having a solid dynamic plan.

There are parts I do, parts my team do, and parts that God (or the universe, or spirit – insert your language here) does.

When you have created a plan for success to come to then guess what – it can come!

Here is what I see all too often.  Business owners have a dream, a goal.  They begin taking action and stuff happens.  Which is life right!?  Without a place to check back in to, a place to make decisions from about how to best  handle the stuff, we can become derailed really quickly.

Days and months can fly by before we are able to truly understand what happened and how it impacted us.

On the flip side great things can happen too!  That’s what happened to me.  When success comes and it comes faster or in greater quantity than you anticipated how will you handle that?  Believe me it is also a process.  BECAUSE I had a dynamic plan, I was able to welcome that dream coming true gracefully!

Ok, so you may be asking what is a dynamic plan?

A dynamic plan is one that you are interacting with on a monthly basis.  One that you are comparing what is actually happening to.  This way you are in the driver’s seat!

You know what to do next.  How to spend your time, money and energy as “stuff” happens, both the challenges and the dreams coming true.  You see that is your part, then you can let go of the rest.

What dreams have come true for you?  Share them with us, we love to hear how you are doing!

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