January 14, 2021 CFO Agency, goals, Money, Plan, Systems

Don’t Let Unrest Stop You

As things keep changing it is important to stay current on the items that impact you.  Anything more is just noise, a distraction most of us do not have time for.

So what is changing in 2021?  The truth is in this year not much will change, 2022 will be a different story.  In 2022 we will most likely see the return of a scalable tax system and gifting will be more difficult.  Truly all this means is you need to learn the systems that will work for you based on your goals and desires.

Good news on the PPP front!  For those who applied for forgiveness early there was a change implemented that the SBA will no longer deduct the EIDL Advances from forgiveness calculations.  If you have already been told this amount was not forgiven your bank will soon be sending you a notice that it is now forgiven and any payments will be returned to you.

So what will you do with the money?

Having a plan will make sure that the funds don’t just disappear. How can you put that money to work in new and different ways so at the end of the year it has accumulated in either cash in the bank or implementation of a new strategy?

Let this year be one of change in a way that is important to you.  As we learned in 2020 life will always throw curve balls at us.  Yes some much bigger than others and what is important is that we learn how to pivot (2020 buzz word) well for our own situation.

While there were industries that really had to pivot hard I watched other industries and clients flourish in 2020.  Those stories are not being told in the news, only the doom and gloom.

Don’t let unrest stop you from achieving the goals that you have.  Simply ask questions and find a way that will work for you to continue to achieve your goals not matter what life throws at you.

May 2021 be an amazing year for you!  If creating new systems with money management is a part of your 2021 plans let’s talk!  

In Abundance,



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