February 27, 2014 Abundance, Clarity, Mindset

Do You Really Want It?

Do You Really Want It?

This week as I have been working with clients, one of the things we have walked through a lot is the  answer to the question, “Is that what you really want or is it just a nice idea?”.

You see, our level of commitment, our openness to new ideas and taking new actions, our willingness to engage will all stem from the answer to that question.

Our thinking and our heart must be in alignment or all we will do is frustrate our self.

I know for myself there was a time that I wasn’t sure.  That was the two years that I spent spinning in place.  I was actually afraid to want anything again after a divorce, the economic downturn and a round with cancer in our home.  The internal conflict wore me out, knowing deep within that this was not how my life was to play out.

Just changing my thinking and saying positive statements was not enough to make the deep change I was looking for.    I had to get really clear internally on these questions:

1.  What do I really want in life?

2.  Why do I want it?

3.  How will my life change as a result of getting it?

Once I was truly honest and clear on these answers for myself, then I could see how my business was the vehicle for me achieving everything I wanted in life while being a catalyst for others to do the same.

Why am I sharing this with you?  The freedom that comes from clarity and honesty is tremendous.  My entire life and world opened up.  I took new actions and associated with new people.   As an entrepreneur there are no limits to where we can go.  I want that freedom for you as well, if it is in your heart to achieve.


In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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