September 8, 2016 Wealth, Wealth Building

Do You Want To Play?

Here we are at the end of summer already!  Did you have some time for fun and relaxation?  My daughter was home for the summer with my two grandchildren.  We created lots of memories.

With the end of summer, school goes back in session and I have just returned from taking Sarah back to school for her final year at MSU.  She will be graduating with a Bachelors in Animal Science and a minor in Equine Science in May (yes I am a proud mom :)).  It’s the first step on her way to becoming a Veterinarian which has been her dream since she was a child.

While planning is not something that is high on my daughters list of fun activities, it is what ultimately has allowed her to successfully navigate school and having children. Planning is also what ultimately ensures we can achieve any dream. 

If I could show you a new way to plan so that you are truly set up to win no matter what comes at you in a year, would you be interested?  We work with what I call a Dynamic Planning System and last year we helped a client go from being in the red to 117% growth in profitability!  What could you do with that increased income?  Her dream is to build a new office and retire early so she can travel and do some philanthropic work that has been on her heart for many years.

What dream have you had for a long time?

Is it to grow your business so you can…

o   provide jobs for others, or

o   truly impact as many people as possible with your work or service or product, or

o   create a financial legacy for your family or an organization that is on your heart

If the above is something that is on your list for accomplishing in the next year I want to offer you an opportunity to join us at our annual CFO Players Club Retreat in October.  This retreat is for established business owners who are committed to taking the next step in growing their company and their personal wealth, and who are wanting to create the legacy that is on their heart to create.

This retreat is limited in size to ensure personalized attention.  It’s a great way to finish the year strong and ensure you are set up for a very prosperous and profitable 2017.  I would like to personally invite you to come and play with us!

It is possible to have fun with money – come to the retreat and learn how you truly can use this tool to create the life you desire.

And, because we believe so strongly in leaving a legacy, with every enrollment, we make a contribution to our charity partner The Unstoppable Foundation.  Whether you join us or not we invite you to make a donation so we can all make a difference together.   You can use my link to make it happen:



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