October 23, 2014 Accounting, CFO Agency, Journey

Do You Love Puzzles?

Do you love puzzles?

I do!  I love watching the picture come together as you find the colors, shapes and pieces that lock into place with one another to create the picture.

At our house for as long as I can remember, it has been a tradition to do a puzzle on Christmas Day.  There is always a new one under the tree and after opening our gifts and having our breakfast we break out the puzzle to work on throughout the day.

Different people will come and go throughout the day, my Mom and I usually staying at it most of the day.  It’s a joyful past time we share.

This year as I have been growing my company, I have found it has been much like completing a puzzle.  Finding the right services that meet my clients needs, finding the right team who see my vision, finding the right support systems and support people to create our foundation with.

It truly has been a step by step process.

The picture develops more clearly with input from my team and my clients.  It truly has been a collaborative process.

How is your vision developing?

Do you have different people coming to the table with you or are you trying to do it all by yourself?

Yes I get the letting go process can be a challenge.  Trusting others to work alongside you and love your vision like you do.  Here is a secret.  This is a choice.

Unless you are willing to invite others into your vision, it can only grow to your capacity and at the speed of what you can do.  It is ok if that is your choice, just make it consciously and not from a place of fear, fear of inviting others in.

When we choose a puzzle we choose it based on liking the picture, not on whether or not it will fit on our table.  That is simply a problem to solve.

In the beginning there are pieces everywhere, most upside down.  There is no shape until all the edge pieces are found and connected.  The same is true as we begin in business.  What I have found has made the biggest difference for me has been having a solid and dynamic plan to work with along the way.

What is your plan?  What are the edge pieces and the like colored pieces and the like shaped pieces?

As you are playing full out in this final quarter of 2014, it is also the perfect time to begin reflecting on what you would like your 2015 to be like.

As I am listening to Frank Sinatra sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (I know, it’s not even Halloween) I am excitedly thinking about the puzzle of my company for 2015.  If I can be of service to you in planning your 2015 reach out and let me know!  I would be honored to be at your table as you put your puzzle pieces together! Simply schedule an appointment and lets connect.

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