October 8, 2015 Finances, Money, Numbers

Did You Ride The Roller Coaster?

Did You Ride the Roller Coaster?

The stock markets were the talk of the town lately!  Were you a part of the conversation?

When it comes to investing, there are so many ways to make money. The key is to find the right way for you at the right time

Some of us like very complex financial transactions, some of us like simple ones.

Some of us like fast moving transactions like the stock market and some of us like slow moving transactions like long term real estate investments.

So how do you know which is right for you?

We take our clients through an assessment to help discern what makes them tick when it comes to money.  Becoming aware of how you make financial decisions is important before you put any money on the table.  There are two very important factors:

  1. Nature – who you inherently are as a person in relation to money
  2. Nurture – your life experiences and mentors who have influenced you with money

For example, I prefer one or two large transactions rather than juggling many smaller ones and because of my nurturing nature, I inherently look for ways where everyone can win.  Because of this I invest in the growth of my company (creating jobs and helping others to manage money) and long term real estate strategies (providing housing for people).

Think about how you are investing your money today.  What is it telling you?

The most important thing – is it working?

If it isn’t, it could be one of two things.

Either you are doing the wrong thing at the wrong time for you (meaning given your level of financial knowledge and current financial picture, what are doing is too risky for you right now).  OR you are doing something that is out of alignment with who you are (meaning you may be investing in things that someone else said was a good idea or they had success with).

You see, we are individuals with not only different goals and dreams, but also different financial scenarios and different money relationships.

Here is the good news – whatever your current scenario, whatever your money relationship, whatever your goals and dreams – they are perfect!  Now it’s just a matter of increasing awareness and getting the right systems, structures and support under you so you can truly accelerate your results!

Let us know the number one way we can support you.

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