April 3, 2014 Abundance, Clarity



One of the most exciting things is listening to an entrepreneur share the story about why they started the business they are in.  There is a passion that overflows about the service they provide to their ideal client.

You see I believe each of us is given a calling from our heart that is unique to us.

The things that you long for, that tug at your heart, married with the skills, interests and experiences you have had are unique to you.  How you put all that together to share with the rest of us; I have heard some people call their destiny.


I have also had people tell me that they know they have a destiny, they have a mark to make on the world,  but they are not ready or not sure enough or don’t have enough money or …….

I know stepping into your business fully is a big commitment.  At some level we really do understand the magnitude of sharing our heart and soul with the world.  Yes there is risk, yes there are challenges to overcome, yes it is stretching and growing.  And yes the freedom that you are searching for is possible for you too.

When we try to do business alone is when the excuses and fears can take us out.  You see we can create right where we are now ourselves.  If where we were right now were enough we would no longer have the tugging at our hearts for something different.

What is tugging at your heart in your business right now?  Do you know it is time to up your commitment?  To step into building your business in a more solid way so it is no longer a hobby or a dream but a reality with a solid plan and good financials.

If there are specific areas with regards to getting connected to your numbers that you would like more information on leave a comment below and let me know!  I am happy to help.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson

Financial Management Expert

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