April 21, 2020 Business, CFO Agency, Finances, Gratitude

Daily Changes

As the daily changes of COVID 19 continue to impact our lives, I am reminded of the importance of gratitude.

This is the first time in history that what I call the general population – local businesses, families, and individuals in the United States – are receiving financial support during a global crisis. 

For business owners who are able to apply for assistance, the concerns are as varied as their occupations:

  • Do I apply? Is this for me?
  • What is the best use of the funds to get my business through this crisis?
  • I fall through the cracks – what about me?
  • I want more, how can I play the system?
  • I’m afraid to receive any money as I don’t like debt.
  • What will I do if…
As business owners and leaders of our teams, staying up-to-date with what is happening is stretching us every day.

How can we pivot in the best way possible to make the most of this unique situation? And, no matter how rational we try to be, as humans we bring our own emotions and filters to our decision-making process. 

This is where gratitude comes in. If we are wracked with fear and apprehension, it’s difficult to get out of own way and make sensible decisions. When we remember to first be grateful for the things in our life that are going well – or to be grateful that things that aren’t going as badly as they could – we can take a breath, get input and support, and make decisions that can stand the test of even this difficult time. 

Another key to making a pivot is understanding the importance of putting our own oxygen mask on first. You can’t help anyone else if you are floundering in fear and confusion. 

It’s also critical that you look for input and support from places you trust to have your best interest at heart. 

Finances are an emotional topic anyway, and now there is the added dimension of facing the unknown, a future that is, in many ways, unforeseeable right now.  

We are here for you. If your head is spinning with questions and looking for direction, let’s have a conversation. It will take all of us to decide how we want to move forward in life. None of us have to do this alone.

None of us have a crystal ball and we are being challenged to think in new ways.  We will make mistakes, and we will learn to thrive again, no matter the changes life brings.  

Stay smart, stay safe and find joy in every day.

In Abundance,



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