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Create a Business with Financial Freedom!

Create a Business with Financial Freedom!

The sun and frigid temperatures have appeared today after days of winds and snow.  The dichotomy in the weather is an interesting reflection for me.  There is always a tension, which I don’t see as a bad thing, when there are two or more experiences, options, thoughts available to us for any given situation.  We have the opportunity to stretch our capacity, to be able to hold a bigger picture of what is possible for us at any given point in time.  This is true in all areas of life and especially in business.

Growing a business is truly about growing our self.  Who we become in the process plays a big part in where we end up.  All along the way there are so many choices available to us, so many ways to think about and work with different ideas.  However we can only see the things that are familiar to us, the ways in which we have done things up to this point in time.  The good news in this is that there are an infinite number of other options available to us.

For some of us knowing this can be overwhelming. For some it can be very exciting and for others you are already asking, “how do I get there?”!!!

I have found in my own business and working with clients that the best way and the quickest way to discover new ways of doing things is to work with a mentor and coach.  Working with someone who has already created the results you are looking for.  Someone who has specialized knowledge in the area you are looking for growth in. 

There are many different parts to a business and there are definite strategies that work better than others when it comes to achieving results.  Unfortunately I see too often people getting started or launching new things and not carrying out the strategies in the best order to achieve the results they are looking for.  There are some foundational pieces, some foundational skill sets that when in place create a solid base for long term sustainable business growth.  Financial Management is one of these foundational pieces.

Without the foundational pieces in place I see too many business owners struggle with slow growth.  They aren’t able to make confident decisions, they work way too many hours without earning what they are worth, and they don’t achieve the lifestyle and financial security they envisioned when they started.  So I encourage you to invest in yourself this year and lay a solid foundation for your business.  Your dreams and goals are all possible for you when you lay the correct foundation.

I hope this message was helpful for you today.  I would love to know your thoughts and questions so I can better serve you, please leave a comment below!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert

PS:  I have 3 more openings for private coaching with me for 2014 at this year’s prices.  (Seriously, my coach will not allow me to offer this package for this little after January 1!) If you know in your heart that 2014 is your year to lay a solid financial foundation in your business and personal life contact me and let’s see if we are a good fit!


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