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Courage & Belief

As women, one of the hardest things we face is learning how to stand on our own two feet financially.

Whether this happens as a result of a death, a job loss or like in my case from a divorce, having the courage to face our money with confidence at first glance is so frightening it can be paralyzing.

Typically somewhere along the way we gave our power away to another when it came to this topic called money.  We may have bought into a story that we weren’t capable, that we weren’t smart enough, that we didn’t have what it takes.

In my case I was the breadwinner of the household and I still had to cross the bridge of believing enough in myself that I could stand on my own two feet and support my daughter and myself in the lifestyle we desired.

Where does the courage come from?

First it comes from a vision.  The gift you hold for your life.  The picture of how you want life to be, once that continuously calls you forward.

For me it also came from some amazing mentors in my life who believed in me more than I could believe in myself at the time.  Mentors I was willing to invest in, learn from and take action with.  Mentors who called me on my stuff and held me capable of fully stepping into the things that I said I wanted.

Then it came from being willing to learn.  Learning the skills required for where I wanted to go.  If being an entrepreneur is where you want to go then learning the skill of how to handle money is a must.  I have been in your shoes and I know it is possible to not only learn it but for it to also be fun.

Does this mean you have to do everything? Absolutely not. It does mean you learn enough about money to drive it so money serves you and your dreams.  So you are empowered in the area of money such that you can confidently and clearly make decisions.

Freedom comes with choice.  Learning money skills puts you in the position of choice!

Ready for some courage and belief?  Let’s talk, I know this is possible for you too!

In Abundance,


P.S. –  Mentorship and Learning are the two things that foster courage and belief.  Are you ready?


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