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Could This Be You?

Could this be you?

In the last month, I have had two new clients come to work with us.  Each running a multi six figure company, each with a bookkeeper in place.

The reason they reached out to us was, they were making good money but it was flying right through their hands and they didn’t know why.

They were ready to accelerate the growth of their company.  They had profit and loss statements from their bookkeeper, but they didn’t know how to work with them.  Understanding how to read your P&L and then how to plan with it is a foundational skill every business owner eventually needs to learn.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM, their profit and loss statements were incomplete.  What that meant was they thought they had good numbers to look at but the truth is they didn’t.  AND they didn’t know they didn’t.

When we work with our clients, the first thing we do is make sure that we have good and valid numbers to work with.  This is what I call your baseline.  Once we know this then we are home free!

Year end is fast approaching and there is still plenty of time to have 2014 be a home run for you.

Once you know your numbers then the fun begins, learning how to connect with them, so you can confidently make  decisions about what the next best step is for you.

The best time to get started is now and the best place to get started is right where you are.  Let me know how I can be of service!

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PS If you are ready to benefit from the professional experience of a financial executive without the cost lets talk and see if we are a good fit!

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