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Consistent Cash Flow & Financial Confidence


Consistent Cash Flow & Financial Confidence

You can probably identify with these desires!

The first step to achieving these is having good numbers to connect with.  Your numbers tell the story about your vision and your goals.

Having numbers in a timely and accurate manner means you will:

  • Feel financially secure and peaceful no matter what is happening
  • Have the information you need to lead your business with confidence
  • Know you have a plan you can trust for increasing your income and managing your expenses so you are truly profitable on a consistent basis

So what are the numbers you want to connect with?

When you are first getting started it is revenue, revenue, revenue!

Then as you mature financially you begin to realize that keeping the money you make is as important as making it.  So now you begin to manage expenses (including how much tax you are paying) and focus on profitability.

This is where systems and tools become very valuable.  It is critical to have an accounting system that is timely and accurate so you have the information you need as you need it.   Having information about the story those numbers are telling you is even more important.  This is what will allow you to compare the things you are doing now and how they are going to impact tomorrow’s profitability.

I can hear some of you saying but I don’t want to be a bookkeeper.  That is good because I can guarantee you it is not the highest and best use of your time!  What you do want to be is the CEO of your Finances.  You want to have the information you need to make confident decisions with.

When your numbers become real and not some pie in the sky wish or hope then the rubber can meet the road and your results are truly achieved.

Just last week I received an email from one of our clients about being able to see how each and every financial decision – income and expense – fits into the big picture “literally”.

As your results are achieved, then you can begin to look at your legacy, the financial story you will leave for the next generation.  This is where wealth development strategies begin, strategies that are in alignment with your BIG picture.

Where are you along the path of becoming the CEO of your finances?  What is your next best step? 

It doesn’t matter where you are today, increasing cash flow and financial confidence can begin right away.  If you are looking for answers as to what is the next best step and or system to support you, let’s connect. We are happy to brainstorm with you!

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