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Communication is a Two Way Street!

Communication… You can never have enough of it!

I am sure you have experienced a game where a sentence is whispered into the ear of a participant, who is then to whisper it to the next participant, who then whispers it… you get the picture.

After the whisper has gone through the entire group the last person is to say the statement out loud.

This typically generates much laughter in the room as everyone realizes how different the original statement was from the last.

What happens when it’s not a game and money is involved?

I have found for myself, and my clients, that it is typically in the details where things get lost.

We all think we are crystal clear when we are discussing things.

We never intend to confuse AND…

Communication is a two way street!

There is the person speaking or writing and the person hearing or reading, and we all speak and hear through our own filters.

So if I ask the question: Are we going out to dinner tonight?

The range of thoughts and responses could be:

-Yes and we can invite the neighbors we haven’t seen in a while.

-Oh there is a new fine dining restaurant in town we can try.

-Well if we stayed home we could save the cash and then do…

-If we went to McDonalds then we would have extra time to…

Now take the question into contracts, work arrangements, or household budgets.

I have found that the more things can be written down, the less likely there are to be misunderstandings. 

So when it comes to financial transactions, communicate, communicate and then communicate some more. 

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